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Heavy Equipment washing and paint preparation:

  • Degrease with Hot Water and environmentally safe chemicals
  • Clean surfaces to prevent poorly adhering paint – ensure long-lasting paint job
  • Strip paint that is not sound to not only improve appearance but protect as well
  • Neutralize and remove rust – sandblast if needed
  • Bondo, sand and primer bare metal – degloss soundly adhered paint
  • Paint with catalyzed Sherwin-Williams industrial coatings

House washing and paint preparation:

  • Strip paint that is not sound
  • Find rotten wood in need of replacement
  • Clean surfaces to prevent poorly adhering paint – ensure long-lasting paint job
  • Not only improve appearance but protect as well
  • (many people do not realize that algae and mildew can cause damage similar to that of wood-destroying insects such as termites)
  • Through annual cleaning, improve paint life and remove mildew and spores that can cause allergies and destroy many different surfaces

Roof and gutter washing:

  • Remove black mildew from shingles, to beautify your home and reduce summer cooling costs
  • Clean leaves and branches from gutters which can stop up downspouts and cause fascia board rot
  • Prevent cuts on your hands caused by hand-cleaning (some gutters have sharp metal edges inside)

Walkway and driveway cleaning:

  • Eliminate a grungy appearance caused by dirt and mildew
  • Clean up unsightly oil and grease spots
  • Keep grease and grime from being tracked onto the carpets in your home and your vehicles
  • Remove dried paint and tar spots
  • (You may be amazed at how easily very hot high-pressure water can do this!)

Stone and brick restoration:

  • Remove stains from efflorescence* , hard water, or years of neglect
  • Remove unsightly mold and mildew and bring back the beauty of natural stones
  • (note: mildew remover will not hurt plants and animals)
  • Detect loose or unstable mortar joints in need of replacement
    * soluble salts brought to the surface of brick or concrete through water evaporation

Wood restoration (decks and fences):

  • Replace dull gray weathered look with a fresh-cut color
  • Remove dirt which holds water against the wood and accelerates its deterioration

Owner- Jerry Remington